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Update: Court Orders ‘Hold’ on Vaccine Mandate

SALT LAKE CITY — The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a ‘full stay’ (hold) on the OSHA vaccine mandate for private businesses employing 100 or more people. The order says workers must be vaccinated by January 4, or either submit to weekly testing or wear a mask.

In the ruling, the court wrote that the mandate threatens “…liberty interests of reluctant individual recipient put to a choice between their job(s) and their jab(s).”

“The 5th Circuit decision again validates our efforts to bring much-needed relief to Utah,” said Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes. “That relief is both to our citizens, wanting to make sensitive and personal health choices without risking their employment, and to our businesses facing draconian fines while already dealing with massive supply chain, workforce, and other challenges. This is another victory for liberty. And emboldens our commitment to fight until America is finally free of these unconstitutional mandates.”

AG Reyes continued: “We appreciate the support of our state and local leaders who understand and love the principles of American freedom as we do, and have joined with us to resist these astounding unconstitutional overreaches from D.C.”

The Fifth Circuit case will now be considered with similar appeals from other states, for consolidation into one lawsuit.

Read the court’s order here.