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What We Do With Your Incident Report

After you have entered all of the requested information in your identity theft report and have clicked the Submit button, you will receive an email confirming the successful submission of your incident report. ID Theft Central will then automatically deliver your report to your local law enforcement agency for investigation.  Once your report is submitted, you will have immediate access to an ID Theft Central Affidavit and Incident Report that you should download or print for your records. You may be contacted by an investigator if further action on your report is required.

After an investigating officer updates your case, you will receive an email informing you of the status change. The email will provide you with instructions on how to view information about your case that includes, but is not limited to the agency’s Case Number and contact information. You should consider using this information to help clear up the damage caused by the identity theft by sending the information to creditors, collection agencies, and to all three of the major credit reporting companies.

Reports entered at ID Theft Central help law enforcement investigate crimes, identify patterns of fraud, and may help stop an identity thief. If you are a resident of Utah or if you are a victim of an identity theft crime that occurred within the state of Utah, ID Theft Central wants to learn about your situation.

Please note that filing a report at ID Theft Central does not guarantee that a law enforcement agency is going to automatically open an investigation, and not all Utah law enforcement agency participates in the program.

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