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Lost or Stolen Wallet

Having your wallet lost or stolen can be very disruptive, and may take many hours to recover all the items and information stored within. Before this happens, be prepared by maintaining a list of all your credit cards and banks account numbers as well as the customer service numbers in a secured location. Also, only carry the information, checks and credit cards you need. This will reduce the amount you’ll need to cancel or recover. Take these steps in case yours gets misplaced or stolen.

  • Contact your financial institutions and cancel your credit cards and accounts associated with lost ATM cards and checks.
  • Contact your financial institutions and request they flag your accounts. Instruct them to contact you immediately if there is unusual activity on your accounts.
  • Carefully review all bank statements for any transactions that may have been made by the thief. If you determine a thief has fraudulently accessed your accounts, contact your financial institution and inform them of the crime.
  • Report id theft If someone uses your credit cards. Law enforcement will provide you with a case number you need to file a claim with your bank and other financial intuitions.
  • Contact the government agency that issued your drivers license or passport.
  • Contact one of the three credit reporting agencies and Place a 90 day Fraud Alert on your name.

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