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Instructions to Initiate a 90-Day Fraud Alert

Follow these instructions for initiating a 90 day Fraud Alert with one of the three Credit Reporting companies:

  1. Request online at Experian’s fraud victims assistance process or call 1 888 EXPERIAN (1-888-397-3742)
  2. May be requested by the consumer or a representative (with legal documents proving authority over the consumer’s finances).
  3. May include one phone number for potential creditors to contact consumer (plus extension); clients will be informed that the phone number has not been verified by Experian.
  4. Will be shared on the same day received with Equifax and TransUnion, who will also add the alert to the consumer’s file in their databases.
  5. Consumers who call/write will be notified that they are eligible to request a free credit report and will be given a special URL, toll-free phone number and address to make their requests. The report will be processed within 3 business days of the request.
  6. Consumers who add an alert via will be able to view free credit report online immediately. Experian is the only consumer credit reporting company that provides this service online for consumer convenience.
  7. Consumers will not be able to dispute online, but will be directed to Experian’s fraud experts for assistance by phone or mail.
  8. Consumer will be opted out of prescreened offer mailing lists for six months (by Experian policy only—not required by the FCRA or FACT Act).
  9. Experian will add an alert to a consumer’s file when notified by Equifax or TransUnion of the consumer’s request.
  10. Consumer will receive a Summary of Rights of Identity Theft Victims notice.




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