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Identity Theft and Online Resumes

As more and more job seekers look to the internet to improve their chances of landing the perfect job, they may be placing themselves at risk of identity theft. The FBI is currently investigating a number of scams where identity thieves are searching online job boards for job seekers personal identifying information. Identity thieves are particularly interested in finding posted resumés with social security numbers and other personal details. Job seekers need to be very careful about the information they place in an online resumé. Some key tips to keep in mind to protect your personal information when posting a résumé online.

  • When posting your resumé online be sure to clear it of all personal information. Be certain to never include your social security number, your residence address, or other contact information. Instead, provide an email address where potential employers can reach you.
  • Never include in a resumé your marital status, your mother’s maiden name, eye color or financial information such as credit card or bank account numbers. Identity thieves can use this information to obtain credit in your name.
  • Never agree to a background check until you have had an interview in person and you are certain the company is legitimate.
  • Never set up payroll direct deposit until after you have been hired.
  • Be sure to always read a prospective company’s privacy policy. Make sure you know how long your resumé will be active and how it can be removed if you want. If they don’t have a privacy policy, be very careful.
  • Double check the information on a company’s web site to make sure it is a legitimate site. Identity thieves are getting very proficient at copying company web sites to obtain job seekers personal information. Make sure the web sites URL matches the address a recruiter or employer refers you to. You may also contact the company’s corporate office to verify you are sending your resumé to the correct location.
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