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Thank you for using the Utah Attorney General’s ID Theft Central program! A great many hours of development and state resources has gone into this software, and it is our sincere hope that it will make a dramatic difference in the way your agency handles identity theft reports.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am being notified about identity theft reports, but there are no new reports on my Reporting screen in FATPOT?

1) Check to see if another officer in your agency who was assigned to receive IRIS reports using the FATPOT desktop software has already viewed the report. If this is the case, then the officer who viewed the report first has ownership over the report, and you will not be able to view the report from your computer. In order for the pop-up Notifier to stop notifying you of reports, the officer with ownership over the report will need to close the case from the FATPOT Reporting screen, and then Approve the report before the notifications stop.

2) If neither you or your coworker are able to see a report on your FATPOT Reporting screen, yet you are both receiving pop-up Notifications, it is possible the report was deleted from the Reporting screen rather than being Approved. In order to stop the pop-up notifications, you will need to contact the FATPOT Technical Support team to get this resolved. For FATPOT Technical Support call 801-397-3973.

How do I adjust the frequency of when I get pop-up notification of identity theft reports on my screen?

To adjust the frequency of when you receive pop-up Notification of New and Open reports, right click the IRIS Notifier icon located on your Toolbar in the lower right hand corner of your screen. If the IRIS Notifier is not displayed on your Toolbar, left click on the up arrow found to the left of your system clock on the Toolbar. Doing so will display all hidden icons. From the window that includes all hidden icons, right click on the IRIS Notifier icon (thumb print). From the pop-up options, click Settings, and then click on the Advanced Setting button. Under the Report Polling Interval, there are two drop down windows; one is New and the other is Opened. You can adjust the New and Opened pop-up notifications to appear anywhere between 1 to 6 hours depending on the selection you make. New reports are those that you have not reviewed, and the Open reports are those that have been reviewed.

My password has expired. How do I get it reset?

To reset your FATPOT password, please contact the FATPOT Technical Support at 801-397-3973.

How does my agency request training on IRIS, the FATPOT PortalOne software, and Identity Theft investigation techniques?

To schedule a training session, please contact Scott Morrill at 801-281-1218

I would like the FATPOT PortalOne software installed on my new computer, how do I arrange the installation?

Please contact Scott Morrill at 801-281-1218 to arrange the installation of the FATPOT PortalOne software onto your new computer.

Contact information:

FATPOT Technical Support: 801-397-3973

Attorney General Help: 801-281-1218

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