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Child Identity Theft Credit File Search

If you suspect that identity thieves may have targeted your child, TransUnion can help. Please use TransUnion’s secure Child Identity Theft Inquiry Form to submit details about your concerns. You can also email Remember, do not email sensitive, identifying or account information.


The more detailed the information you provide, the more thoroughly TransUnion can investigate the existence of a potential credit file in your child’s name. Remember, you are initiating this communication with TransUnion, a trusted source of credit information. TransUnion will use this information only to conduct the search you request. TransUnion will not include this sensitive information in any return correspondence to you.


After TransUnion’s search is complete, they will respond to you at the email address you provide. If they locate a file in your child’s name, they will ask you for additional information in order to proceed with steps to protect your child from any impact associated with this fraudulent activity. The more promptly you respond to this request, the more quickly TransUnion can take action on your family’s behalf.

TransUnion’s Child Identity Theft Inquiry service

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